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Complex business development of MISSION TRANSPORT and LOGISTICS Kft.

Beneficiary name: “FEBE TRANSPORT” Szállítmányozási Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Project title: Febe Transport Kft. komplex fejlesztése
Amount of contracted support: 26 530 897 Ft
Project identification number: GINOP-4.1.3-19-2019-01591

Project description

Acquisition of tools:

LED wall with support to be installed outside the company’s premises. Its purpose is to display own ads and job advertisements like search for drivers of self-produced pallets.

Tent to store the pallets that are awaiting sale. The tent, constructed with a steel structure and made of UV-resistant, non-flammable category PVC tarpaulin, offers protection from heavy precipitation and strong sunlight. The superstructure also serves as storage for the forklift truck.

Forklift, an essential tool for pallet sales, to load and unload pallets. As a result, we do not need to move pallets manually, but rather with a machine.



Installation of a camera system: most importantly, to protect the property. The goal is to prevent unauthorized entry, theft, and vandalism. In the event of an alarm, the cause of the alarm can be checked with the help of the camera system. We have an evacuation service in case of intrusion. The company that builds the camera system will also provide us with remote video surveillance.

Construction of a car park for employees and guests of Febe Transport Kft.: to construct the existing parking area with shading (covering). Shade sail design: the main goal is for 12 cars to be shaded from the hot sun.

Office renovation and conversion: Plans to renovate the bathroom and the driver’s shower and restrooms in the building. This would greatly improve employee well-being as with this plan we would transform the current women’s washroom into two new, separated women’s and men’s toilets.

In addition, a meeting room would be created from the existing warehouse. The meeting room would become an essential part of the office where we could consult with our clients and partners in person.

The creation of a store would be also realized. The store would serve as premises for the sale of pallets. This way, we can employ new staff.


Solar collector:

A complete solar collector system would be installed to produce hot water. Installing a solar collector would not only be an energy-saving solution, but also environmentally friendly.



Marketing consulting and brand building, specifically complex marketing work, product portfolio product concept work, and sales support materials marketing work.


Strategic and business planning:

The business owner set the following goals: MPG on an international basis; create a structure for the strategic development and consulting; create and implement a development program plan; develop consulting work for sales channels; define and construct the methodologies (price strategy, cold contact technique, etc.)


Cloud-based ICT system:

Controlling and decision support, internet sales (company web store), Online (electronic) payment solution. The system will contribute to making our company more competitive due to an increase in the efficiency of our operations, and a more cost-effective, accurate and faster task management.


Planned date of completion: 10.11.2023.

Febetrans Palyazatkomplex

Solar system installation

Beneficiary name: FEBE Transport Szállitmányozasi Kft.
Project title: Solar system installation at MISSION TRANSPORT and LOGISTICS Kft.
Amount of non-refundable grant: HUF 1.74 million
Project identification number: GINOP-4.1.3-19-2019-01591
Place of implementation: Site: H-9025 Győr, Bécsi út 14. Lot nr: 0269.

“FEBE TRANSPORT Transport Limited Liability Company successfully applied for the installation of a solar system at H-9025 Győr, Bécsi u. 14., Lot nr 0269.

The project entitled “Installation of a solar system at Febe Transport Kft.”, identification number GINOP-4.1.3-19-2019-01591, is part of the Széchenyi 2020 program within the framework of the Economic Development and Innovation Operative Program “Support for the installation of a solar system for micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises”, and is implemented in the framework of the call for tenders. The project received HUF 1.74 million non-refundable, 100% intensity support from the European Regional Development Fund and domestic central budget appropriations.


During the project, an 8.7 kWp solar system was installed.


Date of completion: October 5, 2020.

Febetrans Palyazatnapelem

Complex IT development

Beneficiary name: FEBE Transport Szállitmányozasi Kft.
Project title: Complex IT development at MISSION TRANSPORT and LOGISTICS Kft.
Non-refundable grant amount: HUF 11.05 million
Loan amount to be repaid: HUF 13.82 million
Project identification number: GINOP-3.2.2-8-2-4-16-2019-01863
Place of implementation: Site: H-9025 Győr, Bécsi út 14. Lot nr: 0269.

Modules to be introduced: Cloud modules – Service management; Workflow module; Electronic document management; Knowledge management module; HRM module.

Installed: Finance, Accounting, CRM, Procurement. logistics, a system using mobile technology.

The development of our IT ecosystem provides us with digital management tools so that we can maintain our product portfolio effectively and efficiently. It also supports the electronic storage, filing, and version management of documents. It enables group work and helps company managers by providing needed data in decision-making. It supports the procurement and order processes and the development of the company’s financial system. It supports the company’s service management and web appearance. It also supports the management of our customers’ and employees’ data in one interface. With the help of a new IT system, we can increase our efficiency and expand the number of our customers.

We plan to complete the project by the beginning of 2022.

The installed modules will work from the server at the place of implementation. We chose the installed modules to run on our own server because of the sensitivity of the stored data including the financial module of our customers and the company, management and other operational reports, statistics and work processes. Cloud modules, service management, file management, and workflow require constant and high internet bandwidth, so we entrust these servers to the service company and rent them as a service.

Accordingly, within the scope of the tender, we are requesting support for the following items: software license, education and training services, professional and introduction services.

The procurement and logistics module has access to the central database through which we fulfill the orders. With the workflow module, employees and company management can see the tasks and their deadlines in one place.

Operation of the electronic document management module: Receive and file documents and invoices. Create permission levels. The purpose of CRM software is to store information about current and potential customers. In the HRM module, we can store the data of our employees in one place. With the service-management module, customers can familiarize themselves with our services portfolio and also log in in one interface. With the financial module, a unified invoicing and financial module is created.

The system contributes to making our company more competitive due to an increase in the efficiency of our operations, and a more cost-effective, accurate and faster task management.

Febetrans Palyazatinformatika

Funding of operating costs

Beneficiary name: FEBE Transport Szállitmányozasi Kft.
Project title: Requested loan to finance the operating costs of our company
Loan amount to be repaid: HUF 120 million
Project identification number: GINOP-8.3.5-18/B
Place of implementation: Site: H-9025 Győr, Bécsi út 14. Lot nr: 0269.

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