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The new standard in transport and logistics

After more than 10 years of rapid development and then COVID-19, a new business mindset has taken shape in the transport and logistics industry. Business leaders now consider the assurance of business continuity as a baseline condition for doing business. In the current environment where decision-makers have to continuously confront new challenges that require their constant attention, when it comes to selecting a shipping partner, a stable business background and a proactive, international expertise that can also guarantee an error-free delivery becomes a top priority on the part of the service provider. Shipping companies operating on the old model of good working relationships and friendly feelings can no longer do business based on promises or compensations made for mistakes during shipping.

Business conditions for transportation and logistics have reached a new level: successful business leaders now apply new and global standards in the selection process.

A new generation of premium transport and logistics services from MISSION

Our company MISSION Transport Ltd. offers a new generation of high-level services in transportation and logistics, backed up by over 17 years of international experience and a leading position in the market in one of the economic powerhouse regions in Hungary. Mission has a unique offering to partners — we provide end-to-end services in handling the complex operations behind transportation and freight-forwarding, with a focus on execution.