International and national freight transport

The challenges of new expectations and professional proactivity

The COVID-19 crisis in 2020 brought a new mindset to the transport and logistics-forwarding market, which has been dynamically changing for more than a decade, with business decision-makers setting a basic expectation of permanent business continuity. As the current business environment presents decision makers with a myriad of unprecedented challenges that require constant attention, proactivity, international expertise, a solid professional background, and flawless performance with guarantees have been included as key aspects in the selection process of a partner whose main activity is freight forwarding.

Forwarding companies, which used to operate in the classic model, are no longer able to operate on the basis of human working relationships or emotions, with promises that sound good or ex-post compensation for mistakes made on the way. Expectations in the transport sector have risen to a new level, with successful decision-makers applying new professional selection standards in their partnerships, which have already been successfully applied internationally.

Transport and Logistics: The new generation of solutions

Along these lines, MISSION, as the leading freight forwarder in Hungary’s dominant economic region, offers its partners a “new” generation of advanced, professionally high level of freight forwarding and transport, based on 17 years of international experience – in line with modern business requirements. MISSION is all about end-to-end delivery of complex transport and freight forwarding workflows, focusing on the execution phase of the project, i.e. delivering the order on time, without errors and with the right quality – ensuring a continuous business continuity for its partners.

Clients and international activity

Our clients include 137 permanent, well-capitalised manufacturing and production companies and wholesalers, whose international shipments have been organised and managed by us for more than 17 years, mainly within the European Union, but also in other countries on request. Within the EU, we transport full loads, part loads and groupage consignments mainly in the DACH region, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, England, Ireland, Norway, Romania, Italy and Spain, both export and import. We have worked or continue to work with major companies in all economic sectors, so our team of experts is well versed in managing and reflecting on the current challenges of the SME and multinational client side.

Fleet and security measures

Our vehicles are replaced and renewed every 5 years at most, even under the continuous supervision of our authorised service centres, in accordance with our strict internal standards. The fleet is constantly being modernised and replaced to a high standard. Our vehicles are equipped with a GPS system and Web-Eye tracking system, which ensures that you are constantly and quickly informed of the whereabouts of the goods being transported. Safe transport is also guaranteed to our partners by our complex insurance credit.

The technical background of MISSION

Transport and Logistics

  • The basis of our service is the development of a professionally optimised solution, tailored to the real needs of our partners, supporting their objectives
  • We provide end-to-end management of our partners’ logistical and freight forwarding needs, backed up by ongoing professional supervision and genuine guarantees
  • Clear agreement with the customer on the specific transport plan at the planning stage (clear definition of the elements that can/can not be covered)
  • Continuous, innovative adaptation to economic and industrial changes and market needs
  • Fixed, self-managed driver pool
  • Fixed, self-managed fleet (377 vehicles from 7,5 to 40 tonnes)
  • Individual, specific selection and development programmes for drivers, support team and expert levels
  • Responsible, solution-oriented expert support (17 people in the Hungarian office)
  • Cooperative, transparent management strategy and business operations
  • International consulting background

Menedzselt járműparkunk:

Our fleet includes the following types of vehicles:

  • 1.5 tonne van (4-8 pallets)
  • 1.5 tonne van with a platform truck (3.2 t capacity, 15-18 pallets)
  • 40 tonne tractor-trailer trailers with a tractor-trailer combination (24 t capacity, 33 pallets)
  • Mega platform trucks (3m headroom, 24t capacity, 34 pallets)
  • Box body vehicles
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Tanker trucks